This pedagogical initiative has two main goals: to spread the contemporary Spanish repertoire among students and to offer them the opportunity to experience a tour in which they can work together with their teachers, no matter which age or year they are in, nor whether they are students or teachers.

This work is carried out by Professor Ignacio Torner in his piano studio at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música Cristóbal de Morales in Seville. Professor Torner is a pianist very well versed in contemporary repertoire, and a member of the ensemble Taller Sonoro (www.tallersonoro.com). A yearly selected group of his students and one other student from collaborator professor Juan Olaya’s class of that same conservatoire participate in this program. The pieces on tour are from the contemporary repertoire for piano of Spanish or Spanish American composers. They are programmed during the year and each student play in the concert one of these pieces. The teachers also perform music from that same repertoire together with their students.

All this challenges the students of professional grade to reach a level that allows them to perform in a professional environment, different from the usual student performances at the conservatoire. The development of this program arises different issues that help the students as a group to glimpse the professional aspects of a real concert and a tour.

In the same way, the students of this program can work these pieces hand to hand with the composers, that come to Seville for this purpose.

The tour is arranged in colaboration with other conservatoires and halls of Spain and abroad. The students participate actively in its production in many ways (artistically, technically or logistically), allowing them to learn first hand how the production of a professional event such a concert tour is undertaken.

This program ends with a live recording of the last concert of the tour which is later edited as a CD.